2017-02-22 –

Core cooling - the solution in transformer construction

SYNTHERM® YT aramide papers are always a fast seller. In addition to classic applications where aramide papers are used as intermediate and layer insulations in AC and DC motors, generators and every type of transformer, applications which are a little more unusual also exist which use SYNTHERM® YT aramide papers.   For example, superior-quality SYNTHERM® YT aramide papers are used to manufacture core cooling insulation. The material properties of aramide paper combined with silicate ceramic spacers offer an optimum combination for core cooling in the case of oil-filled distribution transformers or traction transformers.   [...]


2017-02-03 –

Maximum strength - SYNTHERM® HP

The SYNTHERM® HP multi-layer laminate, which has in the meantime been added to our standard range, represents the establishment of an extremely stable laminate which meets the requirements in the high-temperature range. SYNTHERM® HP is a 2-layer laminate made of SYNTHERM® H polyimide film and SYNTHERM® P, a polyester film. SYNTHERM® H should be classified in insulation class H (180 °C), due to the high thermal properties of the laminate. SYNTHERM® HP is distinguished by its high dielectric strength, good mechanical protection and the excellent stability provided by the PET film. SYNTHERM® HP is an interesting alternative product to [...]


2017-01-16 –

Multi-layer laminates - Made by SYNFLEX

Expansion of the SYNFLEX machinery allows in-house production of multilayer laminates. A further step towards supporting innovative customer concepts and presenting SYNFLEX as the partner for the winding industry. Due to their enormous diversity of material combinations, multi-layer laminates are used in the most varied of applications, including slot insulation, pre-shaped wedges, interphase insulation in motors and generators or as core, interlayer and cover insulation in transformers. In contrast to ­single-layer material, multi-layer laminates offer the advantage of complementing the positive effects of the different components [...]


2017-01-05 –

Review of the 2016 trade fair season

The trade fair year 2016 has come to an end offering SYNFLEX a good opportunity to review the three trade fairs attended last year – CoilWinding in Berlin, Amper in Brno and CoilWinding in Shanghai.   Despite the differences between the individual events, we observed a major trend at all these trade fairs. Aramide papers and everything associated with them were actively addressed by a great many of our trade fair guests. The efficiency of applications should be continually improved without negatively influencing the safety of the application or its service life. Many manufacturers of electric motors, generators and [...]


2016-11-10 –

Is copper on the move?

Fluctuations in the price of copper have increasingly diminished in recent months and, when compared to the turbulent years of the commodities boom, price movements are painfully unspectacular at the moment. This has led to a fall in trading turnover and volume on the London Metal Exchange and, moreover, serious changes in the physical trading world. Many commodities dealers and banks have withdrawn from metal trading, and others will follow in the face of falling margins and an oversupply of physical goods. Only scarce commodities are easy to sell, and no improvement is in sight.  A further commodities super cycle is not [...]


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