2014-03-05 –

FIT for one year at SH - FIT competence program for recording operational data at SH

The production of enamelled copper wire requires complex production processes. It is required more than ever when people like Schwering & Hasse are working as quality leaders at a continuously high level of quality in the field of enamelled copper wires. A customer can and must rely on this high level of quality, as only in this way can fault-free production and thus an optimal process chain be guaranteed.Schwering & Hasse is conscious of this special responsibility and has been taking innumerable measures for many decades to consistently focus all of its production processes on process security and the quality of the enamelled [...]


2014-02-26 –

How to buy authentic Synflex products?

SYNFLEX is a professional producer and provider of premium copper wire and insulation materials. As a market leader, SYNFLEX is not only well-known in China, but all over the world. We are always striving to provide the best products and solutions possible to our industry. Due to our strong brand in the market, customer will often encounter copycats and fake agents of SYNFLEX. Especially on the Chinese internet. Since they are not selling Synflex products, our customer face big risks using material from such not certified agents.     We strongly suggest our customer to directly contact our sales force in terms of inquiries. [...]


2014-02-07 –

Quality at the highest level - Aramid papers and  SYNtherm® A laminates

Aramid papers have been used for many years in many applications in the winding industry due to their outstanding thermal and electrical abilities. Not all aramid papers, however, are the same by a long chalk. There are serious differences in the production, the structure of the product and thus also in the technical properties of individual aramid papers.SYNFLEX has been exclusively selling aramid papers from the SYNtherm® A product family, with its central product SYNtherm® A510, since the start of 2013. As is standard in the SYNFLEX company for new products, new aramid papers are checked and tested very thoroughly in the [...]


2014-01-24 –

New from SYNcon® - MPT 1,5 bracket with Push-IN technology

Significant pluses can be achieved in fitting and connection safety using SYNcon® transformer terminals by SYNFLEX. The range of solutions is wide and accurately tailored to various areas of application. Transformer terminals cover wire areas up to ten square millimetres. Then the terminal blocks of the proven UK series are used. Using various connection techniques, up to and including an additional plug-type terminal, green-yellow protective conductor terminals and fuse terminals for various DIN fuse links, SYNFLEX can cover a broad range of applications under one roof with this product family. As a system partner for transformer [...]


2013-12-02 –

UL Repackaging - Continuity in material handling

Synflex has been working successfully with UL for many years and, along with numerous UL-listed products, also has own UL-certified electro-insulation systems (EIS) in its programme, which can be adapted by customers.Furthermore, Synflex is also participating in the UL repackaging programme, meeting all the requirements and guidelines specified by UL.The repackaging programme applies to products which are UL-certified and are not repackaged into smaller units, individually packaged or otherwise customised for sale by the manufacturer.At SYNFLEX, this programme is mainly applicable for flexible insulation material. It must be observed [...]


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