2015-02-25 –

SYNtherm® aramid paper now railway approved

  The use of electric motors, generators and transformers in rail engineering is most demanding for all the components with respect to capacity and reliability. The components are partly exposed to adverse environmental conditions, require extremely high availability and they are, as is often the case winding industry applications, absolutely security relevant. A rising number of customers now uses the SYNFLEX SYNtherm® A510 aramid paper for their demanding rail applications which have gained importance over the past few years. UL approval and many other tests are performed in the SYNFLEX own test laboratory SYNlab®, [...]


2014-08-04 –

Copper today

Copper is scarce.... With only approx. 170,000 tons left in the LME warehouses and virtually no free available units in Europe, this explains the enormous rise in the physical delivery premiums during recent months. In addition to this, there is backwardation of $ 100 / ton on top of this in the meantime. We have rarely seen the copper market as tight as it has been in recent months. Cathodes have been difficult to source in larger quantities in Europe. The supply of scrap has also been far below normal and the LME stocks continued to fall further in spite of backwardation. The prices on the LME have now recovered by 10% from a low in [...]


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