2018-01-30 –

Symposium 2018: E-motors and Transformers

2018 will start with a highly relevant event for SYNFLEX customers. The Symposium on E-motors and Transformers will be held in Fulda on 31 January. The main topics are winding technologies and insulation in motor and transformer construction. Reliability and performance, cost and material efficiency and environmental friendliness will all be examined in this respect. SYNFLEX will also enrich the workshop with presentations by in-house experts. Heinz von der Heide will speak on changes to the UL 1446 Revision – Edition 7 and present the newest features. He is the only European voting member on the STP UL 1446 Committee and, [...]


2018-01-18 –

Copper - On the way to the stars?

The price of copper has risen by a whopping 24% so far in 2017. If one is to believe the analysts and banks, the red metal can also expect to enjoy a very good price performance in 2018. Practically all the experts have revised their forecasts upwards, and in some cases significantly. Given the strong demand and little or no increase in supply on the concentrate side, a deficit is anticipated everywhere on the copper market, albeit it a small one. Bright prospects, one would think. In the light of the impending revolution on automotive markets, the outlook is certainly rosy. However, the most tantalising question is whether the timing [...]


2018-01-03 –

10 Years High-bay Warehouse

BLOMBERG LOGISTICS CENTRE Smooth logistics have for many years been one of the basic demands customers make of a system provider such as SYNFLEX. Expressions such as just-in-time and 24-hour delivery service have now become an indispensable service which many customers no longer wish to do without. SYNFLEX, which for many years has provided a 24-hour delivery service for a broad standard portfolio all over Germany and in many other countries, laid the cornerstone in 2007 for further optimization of logistics processes throughout the SYNFLEX Group. Autumn 2007 saw commissioning of the fully automated high-bay warehouse with around [...]


2017-12-18 –

SYNFLEX Metal Trading

Fluctuating quantity requirements, volatile market prices and the need for a reliable basis for calculations are realities that are hard to reconcile whendealing with metals. SYNFLEX metal trading offers a wide range of possibilities to provide more commercial and organisational security.SYNFLEX metal trading offers the physical provision of copper and aluminium. Accessing of real-time rates and the close proximity to all major trading centres for copper and aluminium allows metal management to respond quickly and effectively to the slightest movements on the market. In addition to speedy and uncomplicated processing, all quantities [...]


2017-11-07 –

Industry 4.0

In the light of the largest economic crisis since the Second World War and the subsequent rapid recovery which followed it, the course of economic development in recent years has demonstrated that production guarantees a stable and competitive economy. However, volatile markets, new market participants active on a global level, short-lived sales markets, customised products and difficult production processes demand even more flexible production systems and personnel with a greater capacity to respond to these challenges. Added to this, a high level of productivity and quality must also be maintained. Production secures prosperity, [...]


2017-07-21 – F/GS AC UL Acrylic Coated Sleeving With Full UL-Approvalmore

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