News: F/GS AC UL Acrylic Coated Sleeving With Full UL-Approval

2017-07-21 –

F/GS AC UL Acrylic Coated Sleeving With Full UL-Approval

Today we would like to present the comprehensive SYNFLEX range of electrically insulated sleevings with acrylic coating in the sleevings product area. With its F/GS AC UL acrylic coated sleeving, SYNFLEX has been providing solutions to suit changing market conditions for many years now and added a superior-quality technical product to its range.

F/GS AC acrylic sleeving consists of fibreglass sleeving with an acrylate-based coating. The sleeving is non-transparent, particularly flexible and available in the standard colours green, red, yellow, black and natural. The fibreglass design means it possesses extremely good mechanical properties, even at high temperatures in thermal class F (155°C). It has a dielectric strength of 7 kV (minimum 5 kV).

However, what makes this sleeving special is full UL approval pursuant to UL 1441 and UL approbations UZFT2 and UZFT8. These approvals mean acrylic sleeving can be used in a variety of UL electrical insulation systems. This makes acrylic sleeving an extremely versatile product. In addition, this sophisticated sleeving also meets the requirements of the strict RoHS and REACH directives.

Acrylic sleeving is listed as a standard article at SYNFLEX and available ex warehouse within 24 hours. For further technical information, please visit the SYNFLEX website or contact our product manager.


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