News: Symposium 2018: E-motors and Transformers

2018-01-30 –

Symposium 2018: E-motors and Transformers

2018 will start with a highly relevant event for SYNFLEX customers. The Symposium on E-motors and Transformers will be held in Fulda on 31 January. The main topics are winding technologies and insulation in motor and transformer construction. Reliability and performance, cost and material efficiency and environmental friendliness will all be examined in this respect.

SYNFLEX will also enrich the workshop with presentations by in-house experts. Heinz von der Heide will speak on changes to the UL 1446 Revision – Edition 7 and present the newest features. He is the only European voting member on the STP UL 1446 Committee and, consequently, has extensive knowledge of UL and UL USA market requirements.

The symposium is particularly aimed at specialists and executives in the areas of development, quality control and purchasing.


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