Copper Market

2018-01-18 - 

Copper - On the way to the stars?

The price of copper has risen by a whopping 24% so far in 2017. If one is to believe the analysts and banks, the red metal can also expect to enjoy a very good price performance in 2018. Practically all the experts have revised their forecasts upwards, and in some cases significantly. Given the strong demand and little or no increase in supply on the concentrate side, a deficit is anticipated everywhere on the copper market, albeit it a small one. Bright prospects, one would think. In the light of the impending revolution on automotive markets, the outlook is certainly rosy. However, the most tantalising question is whether the timing [...]


2017-12-18 - 

SYNFLEX Metal Trading

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Fluctuating quantity requirements, volatile market prices and the need for a reliable basis for calculations are realities that are hard to reconcile whendealing with metals. SYNFLEX metal trading offers a wide range of possibilities to provide more commercial and organisational security.SYNFLEX metal trading offers the physical provision of copper and aluminium. Accessing of real-time rates and the close proximity to all major trading centres for copper and aluminium allows metal management to respond quickly and effectively to the slightest movements on the market. In addition to speedy and uncomplicated processing, all quantities [...]


Official German electrolytic copper listing

Year 2018 upper DEL [EUR] Reuter FX1 EUR/USD
ø January 590.13 1.2200
ø February 576.59 1.2347
ø March 560.49 1.2335
ø April 566.76 1.2274

Conductive Copper

The DEL quote reflects the buying prices for copper that purchasers of copper pay to the large international copper producers. The DEL quote consists of the following positions:
- LME quote for grade A copper and
- the sourcing premiums that are imposed by the international copper producers, the so-called "cathode premiums"

The DEL quote is a pricing index which has been approved by the Federal Cartel Authority and is monitored by a trust agency set up by the DEL quote protection association. The sources reporting include cable manufacturers as well as industrial companies and electrical distributors.
The trust agency calculates the DEL quote on every LME trading day and this is based on the LME quote per day, the premium payable and the appropriate US$/Euro exchange rate issued by the Frankfurt Foreign Currency Exchange.


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