Logistics Competence

SYNFLEX ensures quick and reliable delivery. It usually takes less than 60 minutes for an order to be processed – from acceptance to warehouse picking. This is achieved thanks to our electronic data flow, barcode-based goods movement, packaging and shipping streamlining and optimised transport.

The fully automated control of the more than 20,000 pallet slots is self-optimising – regular statistical data acquisition is used as the basis for extrapolated demand forecasts. This fast learning" technology allows us to handle up to 300 items per hour. Products retrieved from the inventory management system are transported along a 300-metre conveying system which in turn feeds the order picking stations. This is where the products are individually collected, packed, weighed and shipped in record time.

The 24-hour delivery of our standard products has set new standards in the industry. To guarantee that the products reach our customers on time, we leave nothing to chance: We utilise a simulation-aided, dynamic plan for the flow of materials.

ECOFLEX® enables us to offer all our customers professional supply systems (just in time, kanban, etc.). ECOFLEX® ensures that an excessive and outdated stock of inventory is a thing of the past. We analyse individual requirements together with our customers and develop optimisation strategies, quite often resulting in a 40% reduction of process cost. Individual supply systems enable us to supply products directly to the production site. The fully automated control process is carried out online.

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