Stampings and preformed parts from Synflex –
The best quality at outstanding prices!

Synflex offers a wide range of stampings and preformed parts: as rolls (with remnants removed), component parts, adhesive (single- and double-sided) or non-adhesive, with or without grip handle, printed or plain.
We cut, stamp, mill and saw preformed parts, or produce them using water jet cutting.

We can manufacture for you from the widest range of materials, such as all types of foils, fleeces, foams, textiles, laminates, etc.

Their area of application is huge. Our customers include partners from the automotive industry, the electrical and electronic industries, medical and shielding technologies and communication and information technologies.

Provide us with drawings, sketches, or CAD graphics, or just share your ideas with us. We’ll do the rest.

Just ask – we’re happy to advise!


SYNFLEX is a registered Trademark of Synflex
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