Overview: Impregnants

Overview: Imprägniermittel
Type Thermal class Standard
Voltatex® 4020 1-component-resin
VOLTATEX® 4100 1-component-resin
Voltatex® 4200 1-component-resin 220°C (R) IEC 60085:2007
VOLTATEX® 4130 1-component-resin
VOLTATEX® 4201 1-component-resin
Voltatex® 4204 Component impregnating resin DuPont
VOLTATEX® 4230 1-component-resin 220°C (R) IEC 60085:2007
VOLTATEX® 4250 1-component-resin
Dolphon® XL-2102 1K Resin 180°C (H)
Dolphon® XL-2102 OPT 1K Resin 180°C (H)
Dolphon® XL-2103 1K Resin 180°C (H)
Dolphon® XL-2109 1K Resin
Dolphon® XL-2112 single-component resin
Damisol 3630 VPI 01 1-component-resin 180 °C (H)
Damisol 3630 HTP 01/300 1-component-resin 180 °C (H)
Damisol 3418 API 1-component-resin 200 °C (H)
Voltacast 3100 Polyurethane casting resin
Voltacast 3110 Polyurethane casting resin
Voltacast 3200 Polyurethane casting resin
Voltacast 3210 Polyurethane casting resin
Synthite AC-41 Polyurethane varnish F (155 °C)
Synthite ER-41 Polyurethane enamel varnish F (155 °C)
Synthite AC-43 Air drying varnish H (180°C)
SYNTHITE® EB 43/387D Polyester enamel varnish H (180 °C)
Synthite EG-43/759-D air drying varnish H (180 °C)
Voltatex® 2020 Alkyd finishing varnish
AQUA-THERM BC-380/870-D H (180° C)
WEVOPUR 390 PU-encapsulating system
WEVOPUR 403 FL PU encapsulating system
WEVOPUR 552 FL PU encapsulating system
WEVOPUR 7210 FL PU encapsulating system
VOLTATEX® T050 Cleaning agent
Voltatex® is a registered Trademark of Fa. Axalta Coating Systems Llc., Philadelphia PA 19103, USA
DuPont is a registered Trademark of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company
Dolphon®, SYNTHITE® are a registered Trademark of John C. Dolph Company (Dolphs)