Dolphon® XL-2102 OPT 1K Resin


Dolphon® XL-2102 OPT is a transparent, low emission,
1K resin based on polyester.


Dolphon® XL -2102 OPT is characterised by the following properties when in a liquid state:

- low viscosity
- high reactivity
- low odour, low emissions
- no MAK value
- good storage stability
- very short curing time at 150 °C
- excellent penetration in the winding

Cured Dolphon® XL-2102 OPT is a material with the
following exceptional properties:

- very good bond strength combined with flexibility
- high dynamic load capacity


Dolphon® XL-2102 OPT is a trickle resin which due to its
storage stability can also be used as a fast curing dip
resin. It is a proven product for the trickle impregnation of
sophisticated electric motor rotors and stators, as well as
larger objects, such as large-scale coils. It also provides
numerous advantages when impregnating small
transformers during full capacity production.


UL approved class H (180 °C), file no. E 51047
UL system approved from 130 °C - 220 °C
RoHS compliant according to 2011/65 EC

UL approved:
With enamelled Cu wire: MW 35: 180
Temperature class according to
UL 1446
Twisted pair ASTM D2307
Electrical insulation systems
according to UL 1446 E 247773
class 130, 155, 180

Delivery format

Dolphon® XL-2102 OPT is delivered in 25 kg disposable
containers or in 230 kg barrels.


Dolphon® XL -2102 OPT can be stored for 18 months at
room temperature in a sealed container (max. 30 °C).
The trickle and dip resin must be stored in a suitable
place and protected against direct sunlight, UV radiation
and sources of heat.
Always observe general rules and regulations.

The storage life of the dip resin can be extended
indefinitely by adding fresh resin during processing.


Due to its low viscosity, low emission Dolphon® XL-2102
OPT can be processed in existing trickle plants without
heated pipes and, in general, without process changes.

Exemplary impregnating process suggestion:

1. Pre-heat the object to approx. 120 °C.
2. Trickle impregnate the rotating, inclined object
for 4 min.
3. Cure at 150 °C for 0.5 to 1 hour (measured once the
object temperature has been reached) in the closed
4. Optional slightly forced cooling in the exhaust air flow

Vacuum (pressure) impregnating is possible.


Curing occurs via the Joule heat or in the closed oven.
During curing processes in the drying oven, the fresh air
supply should be reduced to the lowest possible level for
safety reasons.
The curing time commences once the object temperature
has been reached.

Proposed curing time:
150-160 °C - 20 to 30 min.

Cleaning the equipment

Since the cured trickle and dip resin is practically
insoluble, the tools have to be cleaned as soon as
possible with a suitable solvent. Maintenance and care of
impregnating plants, especially cleaning, must be carried
out according to operational requirements. Always refer to
the user manual of the plant.

Protective measures

Cured Dolphon® XL -2102 OPT is biologically inactive and
safe to health. Always refer to the safety data sheet and
implement protective measures when processing the
liquid trickle and dip resin.

Technical data

  Unit Conditions Values  
Specific density   bei 25 °C 1.150 ± 50 g/l  
Viscosity   Ford Cup 4 bei 25 °C 100-150 s  
Varnish viscosity   ISO Cup 6 bei 25 °C 70 - 100 s  
Gel time   bei 100 °C 8 - 20 min  
Weight loss   gr. 15 of resin, from 100-140 °C for 20 gr < 1,3 %  
Bond strength   25 °C >180 N IEC61033, HC
Bond strength   80 °C >90 N IEC61033, Method B, HC, MW 35
Bond strength   155 °C >30 N IEC61033, HC
Water absorption   90' bei 100 °C <1,5 % ASTM D 570
Dielectric strength kV/mm > 3,2/0,025 ASTM D - 115, 25 °C
Resistivity Ω/cm >1015 IEC 60464-2
Resistivity Ω/cm >1012 IEC 60464-2 part 2, nach 7 Tagen Wasserlagerung
Surface resistance   >1015 IEC 60464-2
Relative permittivity   3,3 ASTM D-150, 25 °C
Temperature index   200 °C HC MW 35-C
Resistant to   Xylen, Methan, He ja IEC 60464 Teil 2
Resistant to   30 %igeSchwefelsäure <1,5 % ISO 175 - 7 Tage
Resistant to   10 %ige Hydrochloridsäure <2,5 % ISO 175 - 7 Tage
Resistant to   Transformatorenöl <0,5 % ISO 175 - 7 Tage
Dolphon® is a registered Trademark of John C. Dolph Company (Dolphs)