Acc. to the REACH regulation it has to be differentiated between producing, using (processing), or trading substances. For Synflex as a trader of substances it is not required to register such substances. Nevertheless, we will see to it that our suppliers comply with their duty of care regarding the REACH requirements.

This results in the following relevance for you as a Synflex customer. You are:


As a user of chemicals within the EU it is usually sufficient to verify whether the use is covered within the safety data sheets. The corresponding data sheets are provided by us with each shipment. They are also available on request.

Furthermore it needs to be verified whether you comply with the minimising risk measures mentioned on the safety data sheets.

Please get in touch with us in case you one of those above mentioned conditions cannot be complied with.


As a trader of a substance it is not required to register the product. However, you will have to comply with the reporting requirements within the supply chain (see REACH regulation clause 31 to 36).

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