Corporate Values

Our company vision has been shaped by all our employees and the corporate management subscribes to these objectives.

Corporate vision

SYNFLEX is a medium-sized company that wishes to retain its distinctive identity as a service provider in the electrical engineering, electronic engineering, automotive, telecommunications, medical engineering and equipment construction markets. The customer base is industrial and small trade businesses.

Corporate objective

We contribute to the success of our customers by continuously improving all the processes within our company and with our business partners. Our objective is to optimise customer benefits and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Corporate core values

  1. Striving for the best

    • We are open minded to any changes as well as new proposals and developments.

    • We demand and promote the creativity of our employees and support every beneficial innovation.

    • We enjoy researching and developing new products.

    • We have the drive and initiative to improve on what we have already achieved.

  2. Flexibility

    • We understand change as a welcome challenge.

    • Promptness and decisiveness are the key to our success.

    • Adapting to changes is our daily business.

  3. Moral and loyalty

    • We refrain from illegal activities which prevent fair competition.

    • We acknowledge our social responsibility to all our employees, business partners and the general public.

    • We maintain open and reliable corporate conduct with our business partners and the general public.

    • Our information and communication is timely, matter-of-fact, accomplished and open.


SYNFLEX is a registered Trademark of Synflex
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