The product portfolio of SYNFLEX Elektro GmbH – your specialist for electrotechnology, electronics, automotive, telecommunication, medical technology, and toolbuilding – is broad-ranging and currently comprises more than 25,000 product types: punchings, stamping parts, formed or shaped components, transformer terminal blocks, winding wires, magnet wires, enamelled copper wires round and flat or rectangular.

Apart from non-ferrous metals the product range also includes insulation materials - incl. Mylar®, electrical adhesive tapes, insulating sleevings, cables, stranded wires, impregnating agents, and connecting leads.

By the way, our experts always keep an eye on the copper trade market and guarantee a better price stability for our customers.

SYNFLEX is a registered Trademark of Synflex
Mylar® is a registered Trademark of DuPont Teijin Films U.S., Ltd. Partnership