Overview: Specials

Overview: Spezielles
Type Thermal class Standard
SYNSHIELD® B (130 °C) F (155 °C) H (180 °C)
Copper Tape IEC 13599 und EN 1652
Polyester Shrinkage Tape
Glass Fibre Tape
Cooling Fan CS Series
Induction and High Voltage Testing Set PI 5000
Fibre Glass Reinforced Profiles (FRP) H (180 °C)
Syntemp S01 and S06 VDE EN 60 730-2-9, UL/CSA 2111, File Nr. E54236 ENEC nach EN 60730 RoHS-konform gemäß 2002/95 EG
Copper tape CU PHC IEC 13599 und EN 1652
Core cooling duct
SYNtherm® YT511 Crepe tube H (180 °C)
Copper tape CU HCP IEC 13599 und EN 1652
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