The flexible copper conductor consists of soft-annealed
copper tape available in various versions and insulated
either on one side or completely


The copper laminates are produced according to two
different methods:
1. The insulation is fixed onto the copper tape without
adhesive according to a special method. Due to a
lack of adhesive, the laminate is thinner and easy to
2. In case of larger copper thicknesses, the insulation is
fixed onto the copper tape using an adhesive. Due to
the adhesive, the laminate is softer and more flexible.
The following types are available depending on the
Type 1 Laminated on one side with overlap
Type 2 Laminated on both sides with overlap
Type 3 Completely insulated without soldering slot
Type 4 Completely insulated with soldering slot
Insulation consists of:
- PET film (thermal class B, 130 °C)
- PEN film (thermal class F, 155 °C)
- Nomex® (thermal class F, 155 °C)
- Kapton® (thermal class H, 180 °C)
Copper conductors are flexible and easy to wind. They
provide the following advantages due to the nonadhesive
insulation connection:
- Excellent complete solderability
- Residue-free processing


EMC protection
Copper conductors are used for EMC protection in toroid
transformers or as insulated tape conductors for coils in
electrical engineering or electronic components.
Static shielding
The laminates are placed and earthed between primary
and secondary windings to prevent capacitive couplings.
Direct winding
SYNSHIELD®® replaces magnet wires in primary and
secondary windings since, in contrast to conductive
wires, it has the advantage of a larger surface compared
to the cross-section. The largest current flow through a
conductor is on the surface since the skin effect grows
with increasing frequency. It can, therefore, be used for
the production of high frequency transformers. It is
possible to tightly wind copper tapes at high tensile
forces. This effectively prevents vibration of the coil.


Thermal class B, F, H, depending on the insulation
RoHS compliant according to 2011/65 EC

UL-No E301705 (only SYNSHIELD® with PET)

Delivery format

Length 100, 200 m on roll with 76 mm core.
Other lengths are possible.
Other versions available on request.


The storage period should not exceed 6 months. The
laminates should be stored in a cool and dry place at
20 °C and 50-60 % relative humidity.

Technical data

  Unit Copper PET PET (adhesive tape) Nomex® Kapton®
Width mm 6-50 6-50 6-50 6-50 6-50
Thickness mm 0.035-0.300 0.030 0.023 0.050 0.025
Dielectric strength* kV   6.4 4.5 2.0 6.0

* Listed values are typical values for the respective film in an unprocessed state.

Dielectric strength in association with the conductive material must be agreed with SYNFLEX.

SYNSHIELD® is a registered Trademark of Synflex
Nomex®, NOMEX®, Kapton®, KAPTON® are a registered Trademark of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company