Teonex® Q51


Teonex® Q51 is a flexible, slightly cloudy, biaxially
oriented polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film.


Compared to PET polyester film, Teonex® Q51 has
optimum properties in every respect.

The increased temperature resistance results in film
approval in thermal class F (155 °C). It has a electrical
relative temperature index (RTI) of 180 °C and a
mechanical RTI of 160 °C according to UL.

Further advantages of Teonex® Q51 are:
Extremely high dielectric strength, very good mechanical
strength, high-level of stiffness, low water absorption as
well as being easy to laminate.


Teonex® Q51 was specially developed for use in electric
motors with increased load as slot insulation, phase
insulation and wedges.


Class F (155 °C) insulating material.
UL approved, file no. E 206 562.
94 VTM-2 (25 to 250 µm).
RoHS compliant according to 2011/EC.

Delivery format

Film thicknesses in µm:
from 12, 16, 25, 38, 50, 75,100, 125, 188, 250

Teonex® Q51 can be supplied:
- in slit rolls from widths of 6 mm (depending on thickness) and above.
- in rolls up to a width of 1,000 mm.

Overall diameter of the slit rolls/ rolls
approx. 240, 330 or 450 mm.

- depth approx. 1 - 12 mm, distance approx. 1 - 10 mm
- from widths of 10 to 240 mm and thickness of 0.125 mm

Technical data

  Unit Values Test method
Density g/cm3 1.36 JIS C-2151
Water absorption % 0.3 TDF Method
Shrinkage at 150 °C longitudinal % 0.8 JIS C-2318 (TDF Method)
Shrinkage at 150 °C transversal % 0.6 JIS C-2318 (TDF Method)
Shrinkage at 200 °C longitudinal % 2.5 JIS C-2318 (TDF Method)
Shrinkage at 200 °C transversal % 1.8 JIS C-2318 (TDF Method)
Tensile strength longitudinal N/mm² 275 JIS C-2318 (TDF Method)
Tensile strength transversal N/mm² 265 JIS C-2318 (TDF Method)
Tensile strength longitudinal % 90 JIS C-2318 (TDF Method)
Tensile strength transversal % 85 JIS C-2318 (TDF Method)
  Unit Values Test method
Continuous use temperature °C 160/180 UL 746B
Coefficient of thermal expansion 1/°C 13 x 10-6 TDF Method
Fusion temperature °C 269 DSC
  Unit Values Test method
Dielectric strength kV/mm 300 JIS C-2318
Dielectric constant (AC 60 Hz, 25 °C)   3.0 JIS C-2318
Dielectric constant at 1 kHz   2.9 JIS C-2318
Resistivity Ω/m 10 x 1017 JIS C-2118 at 25°C
Surface resistance Ω/m 2 x 1017 JIS C-2151 at 25°C
Dielectric loss factor (AC 60 Hz, 25 °C)   0.003 JIS C-2318
Dielectric loss factor 1kHz   0.005 JIS C-2318
Teonex®, TEONEX® are a registered Trademark of Teijin DuPont Films Japan Ltd.
Zertifikat - ISO/TS 16949 Zertifikat - ISO 9001 Zertifikat - UL