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Coiltech Pordenone – 26.-27. September 2018
Blomberg logistics centre
10 years high-bay warehouse

Smooth logistics have for many years been one of the basic demands customers make of a system provider such as SynFlex. Expressions such as just-in-time and 24-hour delivery service have now become an indispensable service which many customers no longer wish to do without.

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Time to celebrate
Two jubilees, two success stories

A company jubilee is a very special event. Together, the enterprise, its employees and customers can look back on the many milestones achieved, tricky challenges and successful moments. Two very special birthdays will be celebrated at SynFlex in 2017: 10 years of SynFlex China and 20 years of SynFlex Italy. Two jubilees, and two success stories that need to be told.

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Green, green, green...
Chemistry can also be different

Environmental protection has long ceased to be merely an issue for the future but, despite this, very little is evident in some areas of collective efforts designed to protect the environment. We regard it as a very important task, and we also see in the enforcement of international agreements throughout our sector an opportunity to promote efforts in environmental protection beyond national frontiers.

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SynFlex Group
Industry 4.0

Production secures prosperity, employment and, ultimately, the future for all of us. During times in which we see relocation to low-wage countries, the European economy asserts itself through flexibility, quality and stability. This applies in particular to the winding industry.

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Greater safety in rail transport
Growing significance of the EU railway standard

When it comes to the safety of passengers and personnel, use of the final product and individual components in railway technology involves the strictest demands along the entire manufacturing chain. The regulations in DIN EN 45545 must be observed to detect and evaluate any hazard potential at an early stage.

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