SynChem – Resins & Varnishes Damisol® 3630 VPI 02 1-component-resin

Damisol® 3630 VPI 02 is an opaque, solvent-free 1-component-resin based on unsaturated polyesterimides.

The thixotrop Damisol® 3630 VPI 02 has the following properties:

  • no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • very low smell
  • high reactivity
  • high stability in tank

Cured Damisol® 3630 VPI 02 has the following properties:

  • high resin absorption
  • outstanding thermal resistance (mechanical/electrical)
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Damisol® 3630 VPI 02 can be used for hot dipping and VPI of all kinds of windings, from any low/medium (3.3 kV) voltage rotating machines. Due to its high thermal resistance it could be used on any kind of electrical equipment exposed to high temperature conditions, as industrial motors and generators.


  • UL-approved Class 180 (H)
  • UL-file-no. E98 511
  • RoHs compliant acc. 2011/65/EU
  • VOC-free acc. 1999/13/EU

Delivery forms

Damisol® 3630 VPI 02 is available in:

  • 20 kg cans
  • 200 kg drums
  • 1000 kg container


Damisol® 3630 VPI 02 can be stored minimum 12 months at max. 25 °C in sealed containers, protected from light and sun. Higher temperature can be achieved during short period of time.


Recommended curing time:
2 h at 150 °C

Higher temperature and longer curing time will optimize the chemical resistance as well as the mechanical properties.


Refer to the material safety data sheet for complete information.


Damisol® 3630 VPI 02 can be processed on any kind of hot dipping or VPI equipment. The resin has to be protected from contamination. A regular viscosity check is necessary. Using the hot impregnating process, the resin temperature should be maintained lower than 30 °C and refresed with new resin. If storing the resin in a supply tank, we recommend keeping the resin under atmospheric pressure. It is advantageous not to fill the supply tank completely. The recommended filling level is 70 %.

Technical data

Property Unit of measure Conditions Value Test method
Water absorption % after 7d at 23 °C <0.75 ISO 62
Water absorption % after 24h at 23 °C < 0.2 ISO 62
Bond strength daN at 23 °C 21 IEC 6033
Bond strength daN at 155 °C 11 IEC 6033
Property Unit of measure Values Test method
Dielectric strength at 23 °C and 50 % r.h. kV/mm ≥100 DIN 46448
Property Conditions Values Test method
Resistance 2 % sodium hydroxide <0,1 % ISO 175
Resistance 20 % sulfuric acid < 0.3 % ISO 175
Resistance ISO 175
Liquid phase
Property Unit of measure Conditions Values Test method
Viscosity mPas at 23 °C and 12 rpm 3200 ± 500 Brookfield
Viscosity mPas at 23 °C and 2.5 rpm 7000 ± 1000 Brookfield
Gel time at 120 °C min 10 ± 3
Flashpoint °C ≥110
Density (22 °C) g/cm³ 1.1