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SynShield® – Copper & Aluminium Foils

SynShield® Type 1

Copper foil on one side with SynTherm® insulating material.


SynShield® copper conductor is a flexible copper foil laminated with various insulating materials.

SynShield® is just perfect for winding. There are two production methods for SynShield®:

  • The insulation is applied during a special process without adhesive. This process guarantees excellent soldering behaviour and a low total strength.
  • The insulation is applied with the aid of an adhesive.


  • lateral overlap acc. to customer specifications
  • types without adhesive: PET films
  • types with adhesive (SynTape®):
    PET films
    aramid papers
    PI films



SynShield® is mainly used in transformers and can be applied as electromagnetic or electrostatic shielding between the primary and secondary winding. SynShield® is also used as a replacement for enamelled copper wires.

  • Thermal class B, F, H (depending on insulation)
  • RoHS-compliant acc. 2011/65/EU and (EU) 2015/863
  • UL-file-no. E301705 (only SynShield® with PET)
Delivery forms

100 and 200 m rolls with 76 mm core.

Other dimensions and lengths on request.


Copper film of at least 99.90 % Cu and with a high or even high electrical conductivity.

Additional comment

* Values are typical values of the individual unprocessed foil.

SynShield® Typ 1
Technical data
Width  Backing thickness  Total thickness  Dielectric strength 
Unit of measure Copper  PET  PET (adhesive)  Aramid paper (adhesive)  PI-film (adhesive) 
mm  6-50 6-50 6-50 6-50 6-50
mm  0.035-0.300 0.030 0.023 0.050 0.025
mm      0.060 0.100 0.060
kV    6.9 4.5 2.0 6.0

SynShield® is a registered trademark of SynFlex.
SynTherm® is a registered trademark of SynFlex.
SynTape® is a registered trademark of SynFlex.