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SynShield® – Copper & Aluminium Foils

Copper Tape

Copper tape is cut from cold-rolled copper and wound onto rings. The copper is annealed and degreased.


Cu ≥ 99.90 % with a high or even very high electrical conductivity.


The application of copper tapes provides advantages in distribution transformers and chokes for pulse voltage stimulated windings. Additionally, a respective design also ensures simple production processes and enables very high mechanical winding strengths. Furthermore, they can be used as an earthing tape.

  • DIN EN 13599
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU
  • RoHS (EU) 2015/863
Delivery forms

Inner core diameter / mm:
76, 152, 300, 400, 500

Thickness: from 0.035 to 0.200 mm; further thicknesses on request.

Depending on thickness available widths from 6 mm to 330 mm. Other widths on request.

Cut and burr edges < 0.300 mm thickness.
Re-rolled, rounded or burr edges ≥ 0.300 mm thickness.

Technical data
Tensile strength 
Unit of measure Values  Hardness HV 
N/mm²  200-260 40-60
Electric conductivity 
Unit of measure Value 
m/Ωmm²  ≥57