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Vielfalt bei SYNFLEX – verschiedenen Berufsbilder die Sie bei Synflex antreffen:

  • Machine Operator

    As a machine operator at Synflex you setup, changeover, and operate our converting and finishing machines. Our machine operators are responsible for work processes, controlling functions at test benches, and startups. Additionally you carry out inspections in regular intervals to safeguard operational service, you care for maintenance and repair – if necessary in co-operation with our technicians. In the course of such maintenance you are responsible for refilling oils and lubricants, exchange of wear and tear parts, like sealings, knife shafts, or frictions. You adjust backlashes and monitor the production process. Moreover, you monitor and control the flow of materials. Because product quality is at topmost position, you carry out extensive quality assuring measures.

    Our machines convert and finish flexible insulating materials for applications in generators, transformers, and electric motors. Usually these materials are adjusted to our customers’ specific requirements. That means that our machine operators have to adapt all production processes to the exact customer demands. Flexibility and commitment are your strong points.

    Various measuring and testing equipments are available for you and your colleagues to monitor machine functions in close co-operation with our laboratory. Jointly you will work on the continuous improvement of our production processes and product quality.

    You work in a team to accomplish your challenges. Together you operate and charge the machines. You are permanently in touch with the production planning department, with the operation planning, and dispatch department to plan machine utilisation.

    The production process itself is fully automated. Your duty is mainly to charge the machines with our materials, to adjust them according to customer specific requirements and to control production processes. Our machinery mainly consists of converting machines. Working safety plays an important role. As a machine operator you are capable of identifying safety relevant situations and to act correspondingly.

    On the basis of maintenance and inspection schedules you maintain and service the machines in your area of operation and you carry out minor repair jobs. Our technicians are your support. However, they depend on your feedback and input to know about possible defects or improvement potentials.

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  • Warehouse Clerk

    As a warehouse clerk you accept all kind of goods and verify the correctness of quantities and condition, as stated on the shipping documents. You organise unloading, sort goods, and store them appropriately, as determined prior to arrival in our fully automated high-bay warehouse. You see to it that goods are stored under best possible conditions (temperature/ humidity). In the dispatch department you plan delivery tours and evaluate best mode of shipments. You will compose shipments, pack goods, and issue shipping documents, e.g. delivery notes or clearance papers. Furthermore, you are in charge of loading trucks or containers, operate suitable means, like forklifts, and secure packages. Additionally, you assist your manager in optimising the internal flow of information and materials, from procurement to dispatch.

    Even though fork lifts and shelf access vehicles, automated conveying and sorting systems or packaging machines do ease your work, you need to cope with work under physical stress. Your work requires a good physical condition, strength and resilience. Your working place changes constantly, e.g. between loading zone and warehouse.

    You process shipping documents (partly in English) with care, plan tours, operate warehouse management systems, and optimise logistic processes. You plan and organise cost of packing, document storing processes and compare quotations. At Synflex you are part of a strong team.

    It is essential for your job-related success to constantly update, deepen, complement and adapt your knowledge to new developments. There are perspectives to specialise or to advance in your job.

    Synflex promotes further vocational training for warehouse clerks, e.g. in quality management, new safety regulations for shipping hazardous materials or new regulations concerning transportation are only few of the challenges you will have to meet.

    The topic spectrum for vocational training is extremely wide, from stock management to consignment of hazardous materials or work safety. Also, when trained warehouse clerks wish to specialise in some field, there are plenty of chances: incoming goods department, storage, or dispatch offer opportunities for development.

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  • Customer Service Sales Department

    As a member of the Customer Service Team you work in close partnership and co-operation with the field force and you are exactly the right person when it comes to customer needs.

    You accept customer inquiries and generate quotations self dependently. Our customers can be found in the electric motor, generator, and transformer industry. You are also imcumbent on co-ordinating the quotations with any involved specialist departments, like materials planning and procurement, production, production options, and delivery times.

    Accepting and processing customer orders is another field of your responsibility. You register those orders in our ERP system and issue order confirmations. Apart from accepting orders, customer advisory service is one of your challenges. As a first-level support you will delegate the inquiries to the specialist department in charge, if necessary.

    You are the main contact for our customers. Any business transaction and activity passes your hands and your computer monitor. You are also the person in charge when it comes to questions of our specialist departments concerning your customer, from inquiry and customer specific packing instructions to paying visits together with the field staff.

    At Synflex each customer is assigned to one particular contact person in the Customer Service Department. That means that you are committed to a defined client base to fulfil our idea of consistent service and co-operation in partnership.

    Even in case of complaints you are the person available for any questions. You are the link between our customer and the application engineering department assessing the complaint.

    You are also in charge of generating invoices and credit notes and responsible for observing customer specific requirements and particular agreements.

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  • Application Engineer
    Main focus: Varnishes/ Chemicals

    Synflex is not only a trading company, but a system supplier and strategic partner for their demanding customers in the field of electric motor, generator, and transformer engineering. This includes technical advisory service offered by Synflex engineers.

    We work with experts for each field of products we offer. These experts advise our customers regarding application and processing of products. Your assignments are the technical analysis of our customers' requirements as well as matching those requirements to our products. Furthermore you support our sales department with your knowledge in implementing new products.

    Apart from servicing our customers regarding technical properties of products, you assist our customers in improving existing production processes and optimising complex systems, e.g. electric motors.

    You accompany our customers during the project phase and contribute your wide expertise about varnishes and resins. Due to your comprehensive know-how you know the best possible solutions for our customers' requirements.

    Various measuring and testing equipments are available for you and your colleagues to monitor machine functions in close co-operation with our laboratory. Jointly you will work on the continuous improvement of our production processes and product quality.

    Extensive service also means to verify the up-to-dateness of products and to adjust our range to cutting-edge technology.

    Particularly in the field of varnishes and resins you have the answers for our customers in environmental concerns. You avail over profound knowledge in legal regulations - catchword REACH - and you are able to give competent information.

    Finally, you are the contact person when it comes to customer specific UL systems. You develop regulations and processes for customers in co-operation with your colleagues and offer support during approbation process.

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