SynParts – Special Components & Accessoires Induction and High Voltage Testing Set PI 5000

The PI 5000 is a handy, easy-to-operate device for high voltage testing of electrical equipment. The possibility to carry out an induction comparison measurement is unique.

A special feature of the PI 5000, besides the induction test, is the non-destructive testing or measuring at up to 4750 V DC. The high voltage test offers systematic advantages for the insulation resistance test since it also detects effects which might not occur at a lower testing voltage. Direct measurement of the insulation resistance is possible between 250 kW and 200 MW. Insulation resistances outside this range can also be detected via respective voltage settings. The PI 5000 satisfies the latest standards, is TÜV approved and can, if desired, be supplied with a calibration certificate.

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The inductivity comparison measurement detects short circuits to earth for individual windings as soon as the inductivity of an individual coil differs from the other comparative coils in the same electrical equipment. This test is possible for motors of all sizes and any number of coils with any winding number. The measuring device can be adjusted to the machine size by altering the applied voltage between 1.5 und 265 V AC. Furthermore, the induction comparison test allows the testing of short-circuit armatures when installed.

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PI 5000 with 2 measuring lines, mains connection line and 1 crocodile clip.
Device bag and calibration certificate are also available.