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Due to the ingenious construction, it is possible to adapt just a few cooling fan sizes to a variety of differently sized motors with various motor shafts. The flat design of the yellow cooling fan even enables utilisation for motors with relatively short shaft ends. The material of the cooling fan is soft so that individual blades can be additionally cut. The height of the cooling fan can be reduced by another 10 % by processing the material.

The cooling fan has a 3-point jaw chuck which guarantees secure, central acceptance of the bushes and smooth running.12 cooling fans with large surfaces ensure perfect air volume flow.

The CS series cooling fan is a yellow, mechanically stable polypropylene injection-moulded part. It is available in various installation sizes with a fixed inner diameter. It is possible to insert bushes with varying inner diameters into the cooling fan for various shaft diameters.

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The yellow cooling fan has been widely and successfully used for 30 years in the production of motors. Due to the two-sided bush installation, it is possible to adjust the distance between the motor housing and the cooler, and to individually adjust various makes of motors. Various standard bushes are available. If the standard borehole does not correspond, it is possible to turn a complete bush according to requirements. A possibly existing keyslot has to be removed.


RoHS compliant according to 2011/65/EU

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Property CS 71 CS 80 CS 90 CS 100 CS 112 CS 132 CS 160 CS 180
Property CS 71 CS 80 CS 90 CS 100 CS 112 CS 132 CS 160 CS 180