SynProf – FRP Profiles Glass-fibre-duct-spacing-mats

Glass-fibre-profiles connected with insulating tapes.

Glass-fibre-duct-spacing-mats are a cost effective cooling channel solutions with free selectable / adjustable distances of single profiles. Also different profile-shapes can be used in one mat.

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Glass-fibre-duct-spacing-mats are used in transformer and coils with cooling channels. They can be used in automated winding processes.


Insulating material class H (180 °C)
RoHS-compliant acc. to 2011/65/EU

Delivery forms

Length: Up to 25 m
Width: Up to 3000 mm

Also deliverable in kits.



  • dogbone
  • square
  • round

Insulating tapes:

  • SynTherm® YT510
  • NOMEX®
  • SynTherm® DMD
  • SynTherm® APA
  • SynTherm® NPN
  • MYLAR® A

Other materials on request.

Technical data

Property Unit of measure  
Casting resin    Polyester / Epoxy
Reinforcement    Glas-Roving
Fibre content  > 60
Specific weight  g/cm³  > 1.85
Bending strength  N/mm²  480
Bending strength E-Module  N/mm²  35x10^3
Tensile strength  N/mm²  450
Compressive strength  N/mm²  240
Dielectric constant    apprx. 4
Specific resistance  Ωxcm  10^12
CTI    KC 600
1-Min.-voltage test  kV/mm  8
Coefficient of expansion  K-1  10-15^-6
Water absorption  < 5
Heat conductivity  W/m*K  0.3
Thermal class    H (180 °C)