Intertape® – Electrical adhesive tapes Intertape® 4237

Intertape® 4237 is a glass filament polyester tape with acrylate adhesive.

High tensile strength glass filaments and conformable PET film coating with an aggressive adhesive for a variety of heavy duty insulating, banding and holding applications. 1.0 mil polyester film provides puncture, edge tear and abrasion resistance. Specially designed and intended for use in oil-filled transformers. Once thermoset, the acrylic adhesive offers superior resistance to chemicals, solvents and aging in addition to excellent dielectric strength and insulation resistance.

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Lead and saddle tie down, banding and bundling motor and transformer coils and coil covering.


UL-File-No.: E20780
CSA-File: LR94980

Exceeds as one of a very few products available the rigorous requirements of the ASTM D3455 „Test Method for Compatibility of Construction Material with Electrical Insulating Oil of Petroleum Origin“.

Delivery forms

  • Width: from 2.5 mm in 0.1 mm increments
  • Core diameter: 76 mm (3")
  • Special widths on request








12 months at room temperature. Adhesive tapes should be stored in a cool, dry place at approx. 20 °C and 50 - 60 % relative humidity. The storage period should not exceed 12 months.

Technical data

Property Unit of measure
Type/ Ordering information Intertape® 4237
Standard colours Translucent
Backing Polyester film glass filament reinforced
Backing thickness mm 0.114
Adhesive Acrylate thermosetting
Total thickness mm 0.180
Elongation at break % 7
Insulation resistance 10^6
Electrolyt. corrosion value Direct 1.0/A, 1
Thermal class 155 °C (F)
Dielectic strength kV 5
Tensile strength N/cm 516
Adhesiveness / Adhesion to steel N/cm 4.9