SynWrap – Wrapping Tapes SynTherm® YT510 Crepe

SynTherm® YT510 crepe is based on SynTherm® YT510 a synthetic electro-insulation paper constructed of a calandered, aromatic polyamide fibride flock composition.

Our SynTherm® YT510 Crepe is available in two versions:
F and SF with slightly different behaviour.

The basic material SynTherm® YT510 is a class H (180 °C) insulating material. Temperatures below 200 °C only slightly influence its electrical properties. The good mechanical properties can be extrapolated to significantly higher temperatures. Due to its polymer-structure, SynTherm® YT510 is also suitable for temperatures up to -190 °C.It has a high short-term dielectric strength. SynTherm® YT510 is compatible with all classes of common resins, varnishes, adhesives as well as transformer liquids, lubricants, and cooling agents. Common solvents may lead to slightly reversible moisture expansion. SynTherm® YT510 has low flammability (UL 94V-0) and very high resistance to beta and gamma radiation.

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SynTherm® YT510 Crepe is used in wrapping applications where increased elongation and flexibility is required.


Insulating material class class H (180 °C)
The base material is UL listed (RTI mech.+electr. 210 °C)

Delivery forms

Paper thickness in μm: 80

SynTherm® YT510 Crepe is available in tapes:

  • approx. 40 m length
  • approx. 165 mm outer diameter on 76 mm core

SynTherm® Crepe is also available with base material uncalendered aramid paper SynTherm® YT511 + crepe tubes.


Calandered, aromatic polyamide fibride flock composition.

Technical data

Property Unit of measure Type F - Base material Type F - creped Type SF - Base material Type SF - creped
Total thickness mm 0.08 0.65 0.08 0.72
Tensile strength longitudinal N/10 mm 65 49 65 47
Elongation at break longitudinal % 9 70 9 80
Dielectric strength kV 1.28 2.68 1.28 2.43