SynWrap – Wrapping Tapes Glass Fibre Tape

The white glass fibre tape is made of 100 % E-glass fibre with an alkali content below 1 % and woven in linen 1/1.

The glass fibre tape is between 0.13 and 0.15 mm thick and is characterised by its exceptional temperature resistance and resistance to tears. It can be exposed to a permanent temperature of 450 °C without a big loss of strength. In conjunction with temperature resistant impregnating resins it is classified in temperature class F and H. It does not display shrinkage after hardening. The inelastic, textile tape is characterised by its high abrasion resistance. It is compatible with all common dip and varnish resins.


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The glass fibre tape is often used for fixing or bandaging the winding heads of electric machines if a special temperature or chemical resistance is required. Furthermore, it is used to fix coils and rods in transformers and other electrical equipment. It is occasionally used as filling material, for example in cables.

Delivery forms

Tape width (mm) m / roll Weight / 100 m
10 100 approx. 140 g
15 100 approx. 210 g
20 100 approx. 280 g
25 100 approx. 350 g
30 100 approx. 420 g
40 100 approx. 560 g

Further widths on request.