SynTherm® – Insulating Materials Kapton® CRC polyimide film

Kapton® CRC is a polyimide film specially developed for the effects of partial discharge which may cause ionisation and possible losses of insulating materials.

Kapton® CRC combines the excellent features of Kapton® HN polyimide film with the advantages of a very glow-discharge resistant surface. Using a Kapton® CRC polyimide film improves the resistance of the insulating systems of high-voltage generators or motors significantly.

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  • rotating electrical machines
  • electrical insulation isolation
  • generators
  • traction motors
  • transformers
  • insulation of profile conductors and cables – specially in electrically highly utilized systems


  • UL liste, File Number E 39505

Delivery forms

Film thickness in µm:



Punched parts & bent

We offer a wide range of punched and formed parts: Rolls, individual parts unsorted, sorted or stacked, adhesive on one or both sides, non-adhesive, with or without a grip tab.


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Technical data

Typical mechanical properties
Property Test method
Nominal thickness 25.4
Tensile strength longitudinal 228
Tensile strength transversal 228
Elongation at break longitudinal 65
Elongation at break transversal 65
Typical electrical properties
Property Test method
Dielectric constant; at 1 kHz, 23 °C 3.4 ASTM D150