SynChem – Resins & Varnishes Dolphon® XL-2112 single-component resin

Dolphon® XL-2112 is a low emission single-component resin based on polyester.

Dolphon® XL-2112 has the following known properties:

  • UL-approved
  • excellent wetting properties
  • good bond strength
  • very low weight loss on cure
  • very low odour
  • relatively fast cure cycles
  • medium-low viscosity
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Dolphon®XL-2112 is a proven resin for impregnating large stators, rotors, transformers and coils, even in very demanding applications with impact loads.


  • UL-approved class H (180 °C), File OBOR2.E317427 and
  • UL-System-approved from 130-220 °C
  • UL-approved with magnet wire
  • temperature class acc. UL 1446:
magnet wire Twisted pairs
MW 16-C 220 °C
MW 35-C 200 °C



  • RoHS-compliant 2011/65/EU
  • REACh-compliant 2006/121/EU

Delivery forms

Dolphon®XL-2112 is available in 25 kg disposable containers, 230 kg barrels and 1,200 kg containers.


Dolphon®XL-2112 can be stored for 12 months at room temperature in a sealed container (max. 30 °C). The impregnating resin must be stored in a cool place and protected against direct sunlight, UV radiation and sources of heat.


The curing time commences once the object temperature has been reached.

Typical curing times:

  • 1 h - at 150 °C*
  • 3-4 h - at 130 °C*

*Full curing is measured by DSC. Time must be taken after units reach the baking temperature. For objects having to endure high mechanical or chemical stress during service, longer curing times are recommended.


Dolphon®XL-2112 can be processed in dipping plants and vaccum chambers.

Dolphon®XL-2112 is sensitive to UV-rays. When not in use, the impregnation tanks must be protected from the light by means of a (non-transparent) lid.

Suggested impregnating process:

- Preheat the units at 50-60 °C (max.)
- Dip into the resin for 30-60 min.
- Drain for 1 h min.
- Bake 1 h at 150 °C or 3-4h at 130 °C* (see curing)

For the VPI application the cycle must be set for each type of machines. Feel free to contact us.

Technical data

Property Unit of measure Conditions  Values  Test method 
Gel time  min  at 100 °C 30-50  
Weight loss  10 g backed 1 h at 150 °C <3.5  
Bond strength  25 °C ˃130  
Bond strength  80 °C ˃82 IEC 61033 Helical Coil
Bond strength  155 °C ˃45 IEC 61033 Helical Coil
Property Unit of measure Values  Test method 
Heat conductivity  W/mK  0.25-0.30  
Thermal class  °C  200 MW 35-C /UL 1446
Thermal class  °C  220 MW16-C / UL 1446
Property Unit of measure Conditions  Value  Test method 
Reaction with copper      yes  
Reaction with copper alloys      yes  
Reaction with natural rubber      yes  
Resistance    Xylene, Methanol, Hexane resistent IEC 60464-2
Resistance  transformer oil <0.5 ISO 175 - 7 days
Resistance  30 % sulfuric acid <1.5 ISO 175 - 7 days
Resistance  10 % hydrochloric acid <2.5 ISO 175 - 7 days
Water absorption  24h at 23 °C <1 ASTM D 570
Water absorption  90 min. at 100 °C <1.5 ASTM D 570
Liquid phase
Property Unit of measure Conditions  Values  Test method 
Specific density  g/l  at 25 °C 1150±30  
Viscosity  cps  25 °C 1700-2000 Brookfield
Property Unit of measure Conditions  Values  Test method 
Dielectric strength  kV/mm  0.025 mm film 124 ASTM D-115. RT
Dielectric constant    at 25 °C 3.2 ASTM D-150
Volume resistivity  Ω x cm    ˃10^15 IEC 60464-2
Volume resistivity  Ω x cm  after 7 d water immersion ˃10^12 IEC 60464-2