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一年即将结束,又到一段宁静祥和的时节,我们也纷纷忙于向亲朋好友赠送贺礼。然而我们也没有忘记和我们比邻而居、需要我们帮助的人们。Schwering & Hasse基金会致力于吕格德(Lügde)市及附近地区弱势人群的福祉,其中尤以儿童为重。

为支持该基金会开展项目,迅斐利SynFlex Elektro GmbH公司于本年五月在布隆贝格(Blomberg)进行了旧版宣传品清仓甩卖。由于当时即将采用新设计的外观和现代风格的徽标,我们必须清空库存。但各种相关产品(便笺簿、笔、U盘等)不应白白丢弃。员工们出摊售卖这些物品,全部收益归于基金会。为支持员工的积极参与,迅斐利SynFlex最终将金额向上凑整成1000欧元。在12月13日的捐赠仪式上,Schwering & Hasse基金会总裁Georg-Jescow von Puttkamer先生喜气洋洋地接受了支票,并对大家积极参与捐款表示欢欣鼓舞。


Corona Information, 07.04.2020

Dear Business Partners,

The COVID 19 pandemic has had a major impact on all our lives in recent weeks. Flexibility and agility currently determine our actions.

We can assure you that SynFlex deals with the current situation appropriately. We analyse the situation daily and keep a critical eye on it at all times. Our decisions focus on the health of our employees and business partners as well as target-oriented measures to keep up business operations.

Our productions in Germany are running smoothly. Worldwide logistics are stable. All logistics centres are fully functional. At our site in China, production has already been back to normal operation for several weeks. Imports and exports can be handled without any problems and only slight delays, as borders are open for the movement of goods. Semi-finished and finished goods are available in sufficient quantities. You can reach your usual contact persons at any time.

We hope to master this unpredictable and extraordinary time of personal and economic restrictions together with you in the coming weeks as smoothly as possible, but above all in the best of health.

Now and today we wish you a happy Easter. Please stay healthy!

Your SynFlex Team