Polyester film, PET film Mylar®

PET film Mylar® is a high-quality polyester film (PET, polyethylene terephthalate) that you can use in your electrical insulation systems as voltage-resistant electrical insulation. Its very good dielectric strength makes PET film ideal for use as a slot wedge and slot insulation.

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Highest technical properties of Mylar® PET film

Thanks to its balance of electrical, chemical, thermal and physical properties, PET film Mylar® offers you unique design options. The tensile and tear resistant film has excellent resistance to moisture and common solvents and is assigned to insulation class B (130 °C). As it does not contain any plasticizers, it impresses with its good ageing behaviour and does not become brittle under normal conditions.

Advantages of Mylar® PET film

  • Flexible polyester film
  • Insulation class B (130 °C)
  • UL listed (E93687)
  • Transparent, milky
  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance
  • Resistant to common solvents
  • Without plasticizers, good ageing behaviour
  • Printable

We shape your Mylar® PET film – cutting, punching, bending, gluing

Take advantage of our processing options and bring your Mylar® PET film into the right format.

Mylar® PET film is available as standard on a roll or customized cut to size. We can also provide you with Mylar® adhesive tapes in various versions.

To increase the technical properties of the film, combine it with other insulating materials from our range. At our plant in Blomberg, we have specialized in the production of multi-layer insulating materials, among other things, in order to offer you a product that meets your requirements. We have already incorporated some common material combinations into our standard range so that they have already been tested many times and require shorter lead times. Do you need a customized material combination for your requirements?

Contact our product manager and plan your customized insulation material with him.

At our plant in Schramberg, we manufacture punched and bent parts according to your technical drawing. In addition to the classic rotary and stroke punching machines, we also use tool-free laser cutting systems. This means that small series and fast sample production are also possible. You can also benefit from our material-friendly process for the production of bent parts.

Our PET films SynTherm® P and Hostaphan®

Discover the smart Mylar® alternatives of SynFlex

We are experts in the field of electrical insulation materials and know what is important. That is why we always offer you very good, tried and tested alternatives to the well-known brand products. This increases the availability of goods and at the same time your planning security. In addition to the material properties, the alternative products often also offer you a cost advantage.

Our alternatives for Mylar® PET films: SynTherm® P and Hostaphan®.