SynTherm® – Insulating Materials Kapton® CR polyimide film

Kapton® CR is a polyimide film specially developed for the effects of partial discharge which may cause ionisation and possible losses of insulating materials.

Kapton® CR combines the excellent features of Kapton® HN polyimide film with the advantages of a very glow-discharge resistant surface. Using a Kapton® CR polyimide film improves the resistance of the insulating systems of high-voltage generators or motors significantly.

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  • rotating electrical machines
  • electrical insulation isolation
  • generators
  • traction motors
  • transformers
  • insulation of profile conductors and cables – specially in electrically highly utilized systems


  • UL liste, File Number E 39505
  • RoHS compliant acc. to 2011/65/EC

Delivery forms

Film thickness in µm:
25; 37.5



Technical data

Typical mechanical properties
Property Unit of measure     Test method 
Nominal thickness  µm  25 37.5 ASTM D-374-94
Weight  m²/kg  25.5 15.79  
Density  g/cm³  1.54 1.72 ASTM D-1505-90
Tensile strength longitudinal  N/mm²  152 117 ASTM D-882-91
Tensile strength transversal  N/mm²  152 117 ASTM D-882-91
Elongation at break longitudinal  40 43 ASTM D-882-91
Elongation at break transversal  40 43 ASTM D-882-91
Typical electrical properties
Property Unit of measure     Tetst method 
Total thickness  µm  25 37.5  
Volume resistivity  Ω x m  2.3 x 10^16 5.3 x 10^16 ASTM D-257-78
Dielectric strength  kV/mm  291 173 ASTM D-149-81