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Core cooling duct

These core cooling ducts are state-of-the-art products applied to cores of oil-filled transformers. Advantages over systems used in the past are more effective heat dissipation by multi-directional oil flow.


Aramide paper comprised with spacers made of silicate ceramic.


Transformer construction, esp. transformers with oil core


RoHS-compliant acc. to 2011/65/EC


Synthetic electro-insulation paper constructed of a calandered, aromatic polyamide fibride flock composition. See technical data sheet SynTherm® YT510.

Technical data
Dielectric strength  Compressive strength  Coefficient of expansion  Heat conductivity  Max. application temperature  pH-value: at 20  Boiling point  Flashpoint  self-flammable  Danger of explosion  Density at 20 °C 
Unit of measure Silicate ceramics  Adhesive  Test method 
kV/mm  20    
N/mm²  900    
K-1  7-9    
W/m*K  2-3    
°C  1200    
°C    6 DIN 38404
°C    100 H.B. Fuller
°C    73  
°C    nein  
g/cm³    1.07 DIN 53217