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In order to provide customers a full range of complementary products for manufacturing electrical motors, transformers and generators, SynFlex Elektro GmbH was established in 1963. Originally strictly a trader of enameled copper wires, SynFlex evolved into a producer and fabricator of various electrical insulation materials. In addition to high product availability, SynFlex excels in customer care, thanks to its distribution strength, flanked by experienced product management.

As the only UL laboratory in Europe accredited for short and long-term tests, SynFlex provides for efficient and effective testing and certification of electrical insulation systems. The objective is to supply the customer a perfect total package of products and services.

The highlights
  • 25,000 standard and 15,000 customer-specific products
  • 21,000 storage spaces in a fully-automated high-bay warehouse
  • High-profile national and international presence through a comprehensive sales network
  • Production and logistics locations in Europe, Asia and Turkey
  • Only accredited UL test lab in Europe for the EIS
  • Proprietary UL systems of classes 130, 155, 180°C
  • SynFlex as a UL voting member
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