In the Insulate product range, you can find all the insulation materials you need for your electrical insulation system.

The largest area comprises the insulating materials of the SynTherm® product group. Here, there are outstanding individual solutions such as laminates produced at the Blomberg and Shanghai locations, e.g. the SynTherm® APA or SynTherm® AHA, along with the aramid papers of the SynTherm® YT series. In addition, you can find films, pressboard and specialties such as the SynTherm® YT511 crepe tube.

The SynTape® range involves electrical adhesive tapes of diverse backing materials such as polyester, polyimide or PTFE combined with different adhesive types.

The SynTherm® and SynTape® ranges are also found in the SynPrep area. Here, customer-specific punchings are produced out of adhesive and non-adhesive insulation materials.

An additional selection in the segment of Insulate are the SynSleeve electrical insulation sleevings as well as the SynChem resins and varnishes.

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Insulating materials are used in electrotechnical and electronic applications for electrical insulation and mechanical protection.


SynTape®, Intertape®, Isotape®

Adhesive Tapes

Electrical adhesive tapes are used for electrical insulation, mechanical protection as well as for fixing, masking, labelling, bundling and marking.


SynFlex supplies its sleeves in rings, on spools, in drums or as sections - individually according to customer requirements. From an inner diameter of 0.5 mm they can be delivered within 24 hours.


In the winding industry, impregnating agents are used to solidify the windings and protect them from external influences such as moisture, dust or chemicals. For the protection of the environment and employees, we use extremely compatible impregnants.


The range of SynPrep stamped and shaped components is very comprehensive and offers individual product solutions in perfection. The products are used for covering, insulating, protecting, underlaying and insulating.



Wrapping Tapes

The product group SynWrap contains various winding tapes which are used for taping, winding and insulating components in electrical engineering. The most common application is the taping of winding heads in electric motors. In addition, winding tapes are used to fix components in electric motors and transformers.