Wrapping Tapes

The product group SynWrap contains various winding and wrapping tapes which are used for taping, winding and insulating components in electrical engineering. The most common application is the taping of winding heads in electric motors. In addition, winding tapes are used to fix components in electric motors and transformers.

Each tape in the SynFlex range has its own individual advantages. Among other things, the shrinkage of polyester shrink tape can increase the packing density of the winding during hardening.

Glass fibres are, for example, suitable for very high temperatures, resistant to chemicals and inelastic. The glass fibre tape is characterized by its extraordinary tensile strength and can be exposed to a continuous temperature of 450 °C without loss of strength.

On the other hand, our SynTherm® crepe tape can also be used very well at low temperatures down to -190°C and is used in winding applications with increased demands on elongation and flexibility for the insulating material.

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