The network of the SynFlex Group guarantees you consistent quality of the service and products, goods availability and professional advisory.

We have production and logistics capacities at every location in Europe, Asia and Turkey. Thanks to our extensive sales network, we are also active in countries where we do not have a location, and we can provide individual advice there.

SynFlex Scandinavia

With our location in Copenhagen, we deliver to all of Scandinavia and parts of the Baltic countries.

SynFlex France

With our location in Paris, we supply France, the southern countries of Spain and Portugal, as well as North Africa.

SynFlex Italy

With our location in Bologna, we deliver to customers in Italy and to neighboring countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

SynFlex Austria

Our location in Vienna covers not only the Austrian market but also the entire Southern and Eastern European region from the Czech Republic and Bulgaria to the Ukraine.

SynFlex Poland

With our location in Warsaw, we deliver to customers in Poland, the southern Baltic countries, all the way to Belarus.

SynFlex Turkey

With our location in Istanbul, we supply customers in Turkey. At the same time, this location serves as a gateway to the Caucasus and the Middle East.

SynFlex China

With our location in Shanghai, we serve the vast Chinese market, along with all neighboring countries in Central, South and Eastern Asia.