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SynFlex Service

Simplify your projects with our individual kit sets

The wind turbine industry is crucial to the future of energy production. It reduces CO2 emissions and combats climate change. For years, we have been supporting the industry on this path with our extensive product portfolio and our experience in trained sales and competent product management.

In order to be able to engineer and maintain wind turbines even more efficiently and quickly, we go one step further for you. By means of a construction set, we offer you the possibility to define and assemble customized product packages. We then make these kits available to you at exactly the right time at your respective location. With comprehensive technical advice, material procurement, warehousing, packaging and shipping through to quality management, we also offer you an all-round carefree package of services with which you can simplify process steps, minimize suppliers and achieve increases in efficiency and effectiveness. Everything so that you can concentrate on your goals.


Simplify your projects together with us

With our kit sets, we simplify your projects and you increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Let's work together on a sustainable future.


Everything from a single source

As a system supplier for electrical insulation systems we offer you a comprehensive product portfolio for you to select the materials you need. In addition to conductive and insulating materials, you will also find connecting products, high-quality insulating materials, electrical adhesive tapes and stamped parts, tailor-made according to your specifications. Premium enamelled wires, fulfilling highest quality requirements, offered by SHWire (Part of SynFlex Group), the quality market leader for flat, round, covered and braided enamelled aluminium and copper wires.

It is no problem, should you also need products that we do not offer yet. We will be happy to support you in maintaining your existing supplier relationships or integrate the goods you provide into your individual kit. If a suitable supplier has not yet been found, we will be happy to take over the entire search and selection process to identify the right supplier for your project.

Convincing quality

Materials in wind turbines must function reliably for decades and are often exposed to extreme weather conditions. In addition to the best suitable materials, quality management also plays a decisive role in this context. Our QM systems are certified according to the high standards DIN ISO 9001 as well as IATF 16946 of the automotive industry.

Our laboratory SynLab® carries out tests in compliance with UL 1446 UL certifications and offers you a wide range of services to ensure excellent quality. We will be happy to coordinate a customized quality strategy with you for your kit set.

Technical support and professional project management

Success in your project depends largely on the human factor. We set up specialized teams of experts who take a critical, constructive look at your issues and take on the professional control and management of material procurement, quality assurance, assembly and logistics. With over 60 years of experience in the electrical industry, especially in the field of motors, generators and transformers, we are able to find the optimal solution for your requirements.

Individually assembled
ready-to-use KITs

Form follows function – We design your kits precisely according to your later application requirements. In doing so, we take into account the exact number of parts required, avoid dispensable items and ensure that no parts are missing. Our packaging solutions are tailor-made for your project and perfectly matched to your needs, so that you can use the materials supplied directly and smoothly.

Availability of goods when you need them

We offer efficient logistics with the fastest availability of goods and high reliability, thanks to our own high-bay warehouse with over 21,000 pallet spaces. In addition to an extensive standard range that can be delivered immediately, we enable you to stock the products that are relevant to you. Thanks to paperless data flow, barcode-based goods movement, packaging and shipping streamlining as well as optimized transport routes, it usually takes less than 60 minutes from the entry to the picking of your order.

Simplify your projects together with us

With our kit sets, we simplify your projects and you increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Let's work together on a sustainable future.