The “Winding” product segment includes all conductive materials for winding electrical motors, transformers and generators. Round and flat enameled copper and aluminum wires form the largest share of this segment.

In addition to specialties such as the extremely conductive SHTherm® 210/220 Glide, you can also find very customized products in the SynWire WW range, in addition to the premium winding wires from SHWire. These are conductors of copper and aluminum wound with tapes of insulating materials.

In addition to these special wires, this product group includes round and flat (HF) litz cables, as well as bare round and pressed litz cables, which in turn are additionally wrapped or wound with insulating materials or yarns. The SynShield® as a special solution especially for transformer construction is a copper and aluminum tape that is shielded with insulating materials.

The round and flat enameled copper and aluminum wires from SHWire are marked by their outstanding quality and patented monitoring systems.

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Winding Wires

SynWire copper winding wires are available in various dimensions and with a vast range of properties. The range is made complete by round aluminum wires.

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Wrapped copper & aluminium conductors are used in many applications in automation, power electronics, drive, medical and railway technology and are custom-made.

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SynShield® copper conductor is a flexible copper foil laminated with various insulating materials. SynShield® is just perfect for winding.

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