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In addition to the company-specific product range of SHWire, SynFlex and IsoTek, the SynFlex Group offers all customers interdisciplinary services to which they have access at all times.

The high-bay warehouse with fully-integrated IT systems landscape, qualified product management and professional copper trading – these are only a few services you can find in the segment SynServ.


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Logistics competence

Rapid and reliable availability of goods is the core objective of logistics in the SynFlex Group. This is provided by the fully-automatic high-bay warehouse with 21,000 euro pallet positions. It usually takes less than 60 minutes for an order to be processed – from prompt acceptance to order picking in the warehouse. This is achieved thanks to our electronic data flow, barcode-based goods movement, packaging and shipping streamlining and optimized transport routes.

The highlights

  • customer-specific warehousing of products
  • individual packaging solutions
  • comprehensive standard range of labeling solutions
  • high availability of merchandise in the standard range at locations in Europe, Asia and Turkey
  • 25,000 standard products and 15,000 customer-specific products
  • largest warehouse for round and flat enameled copper wires in Europe

Product management

The product management of the SynFlex Group provides you with competent support in the development, optimization and implementation of new ideas. We calculate, test and certify materials, components, structures, products or production processes. The technical and economic know-how of our product managers bridges the gap between research and market-driven products.

Our experts monitor not only the developments on international markets, they also provide impetus for new developments that can be harnessed by our customers. Based on these assessments, where necessary, we invest in new machine technologies or in the expansion of the machine park, based on individual customer needs, to meet the challenge on the customer‘s side.


Metal trading

Fluctuating volumes of demand, volatile commodity exchange prices and the necessity of a reliable basis for calculation are realities that are extremely difficult to reconcile when dealing with metals. To provide you, as a customer and partner of SynFlex Group, with greater certainty, not only commercially but also organizationally, we offer you the following services alongside the material supply of copper and aluminum:

  • provision with the latest market data and commodity exchange information
  • individual consultation on the topic of copper hedging
  • precisely-tailored hedging offers
  • handling and recycling of metal scrap

Your advantages

Your advantages

Material supply with copper cathodes at real-time prices for cable, wire and semi-finished goods
  • proximity to the commodity exchange through real-time prices
  • strategic ability to influence thetransaction
  • complete flexibility in the allocation of the copper credit balance
Copper price hedging via fixed-price transactions
  • time flexibility of the call-off order for copper
  • billing occurs only upon delivery of the enamelled wire
  • no advance commitment of liquidity
  • identical payment terms of raw material and price without metal
  • no inclusion of the copper in the inventory
Copper price hedging via forward transactions
  • copper price hedging of the medium- to long-term demand
  • certainty of a fixed calculation base
  • no advance commitment of liquidity
Scrap management
  • direct recycling into the customer-specific demand management for copper and aluminum
  • return and processing of copper scrap of the following grades:
    • bare bright copper scrap/mill berry
    • enamelled copper wire scrap
    • copper refinery material
  • purchasing of copper scrap or conversion of copper scrap into blister copper at attractive conditions
SynServ Metal Trading

Our experts

Born in 1969, Michael Wieland holds a degree in economics and worked from 1995 to 2002 as a metal trader where he dealt with metals including copper, zinc and tin. He has been part of the SynFlex and SHWire metal trading expert team since 2002.

Hermann Vauth was born in 1978 in Brakel, Westphalia and, following his qualification as a bank clerk, he studied economics in Paderborn. Since completing his studies in 2006, he has been a member of the SynFlex and SHWire metal trading expert team.


Michael Wieland
Hermann Vauth