Special Parts & Accessories

The SynParts product portfolio offers a variety of production-related products to make your life easier and ultimately safer when validating your application.

This includes various tapes for fastening, as well as the specialty of the SynTherm® YT510 crepe, which can be used as a very flexible tape to insulate cable outlets, for example. To ensure effective cooling in the transformer area, in addition to traditional fiberglass reinforced profiles and profile mats made of them, we also offer you specialties such as the pill carpet consisting of a SynTherm® YT510 and silicate ceramic pills as core cooling insulation.

For monitoring, testing and completion of your application, we have a variety of testing devices such as the PI5000 high-voltage testing set and various temperature monitors in our portfolio.

Finally, for equipping your motor, our extensive portfolio of fan blades is available for your selection.

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