SynFlex solutions

Energy production and generation - Lifeline for the modern age

 It was electricity in the first place that made modern society possible, and even today all technical innovations are dependent on electrical energy. Especially the transformation to green energy underlines this fact. Durable solutions are all the more important: SynFlex is at your side

At the latest since the beginning of the energy revolution, the importance of "green" electricity has grown steadily. But conventionally generated energy will also continue to accompany us for some time to come. Energy supply is a future topic, regardless of whether fossil or alternatively generated electricity. You need robust, durable materials for your products. Our product range ensures that you can meet your demanding requirements, with both standard and individual solutions.

Semiconductor components for system control

An example

These components form the link between power generation and power transmission. This is where our products for AC/DC walls, smoothing or phase control become relevant.

Die-cut parts made of ETFE

Connecting wires

High-temperature insulating materials such as PI or aramid


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UL certified – safe products for your industry

We have been working successfully with UL for several years. SynLab® is the first European test laboratory to carry out all tests according to the UL Third Party Test Data Program (TPTDP) that are necessary for the extension and new development of an electrical insulation system. These include life cycle tests (FTA, DLTA), system extensions (CCT), adaptation of existing systems as well as material-specific individual tests that are carried out according to UL standards.