Our values

Our common company values have been formulated in cooperation with all our employees, values we live by and put into practice daily. A healthy capital structure, qualified employees, a customer-driven company policy and manufacturing plants according to the state-of-the-art, all contribute towards safeguarding our future. The company policy is consistently geared towards further developing all customer- and market-relevant parameters and, wherever possible, anticipating future requirements. This occurs through a continuous process of constant optimization of our delivery capability in all functional areas of the company.


SynFlex Group
Operating globally, acting locally

With numerous production and sales locations and branch offices throughout Europe and the world, the SynFlex Group offers a tightknit network of reliable partners for your individual needs. This ensures that there will be no fluctuation in product quality, no competing standards, no language barriers and no unpleasant surprises.

Everything from a single source, and in constant dialogue with our customers and partners on site – to streamline all routines: we learn from one another and for one another. With great enthusiasm.

The minimum requirements for interacting with employees, customers, suppliers and other persons and institutions are regulated in the SynFlex Code of Conduct which we expect all parties involved to comply with. With these corporate visions, we even exceed the requirements regulated in the Code of Conduct in order to achieve our long-term corporate goals.

SynFlex Code of Conduct


We are a forward-thinking and dependable family- owned company, which places the highest value in its independence.


We approach our employees, business partners and the public at large with honesty and a sense of responsibility.


We strive for more. We work single-mindedly, continuously and tenaciously on the improvement of our processes and products.


We develop and produce the best quality products as the most innovative company in the electrical industry.