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SynTherm® – Insulating Materials

SynTherm® NP/80

SynTherm® NP/80 is a flexible 2-layer insulation made of polyester film with calandered Nomex® overlay.


SynTherm® NP/80 is a high-class insulation material due to the proven electrical properties of the polyester film and the excellent mechanical and thermal properties of the outer Nomex® overlays. The outer overlays’ impregnant absorptivity allows excellent bonding of all winding components.


SynTherm® NP/80 is an economic option and suitable for use as slot insulation, wedges, and phase insulation in electric motors.
In transformers it can be used as core, layer, or cover insulation.

  • Class F (155 °C) acc. to IEC 60085
  • Insulation material acc. IEC 60626
  • RoHS compliant acc. 2011/65/EU
  • Test standard IEC 60626-2
  • Sample conditioning acc. to standard atmosphere 23/50
Delivery forms

Total thickness µm:
220, 270
other thickness on request

SynTherm® NP/80 available in delivery formats:

  • tapes starting from 4 mm width
  • rolls with approx. 900 mm width
  • on request: approx. 600 x 900 mm, 900 x 1000 mm

Outer diameters of tapes/ rolls optionally approx.
240/ 330 oder 450 mm.


  • depth approx. 1 - 12 mm, distance approx. 1 - 10 mm
  • as of 10 mm up to 240 mm width and 0.20 mm thickness

Polyester film + Nomex®

Technical data
Total thickness  Thickness tolerance max.  Film thickness  Nomex® paper thickness  Specific weight  Tensile strength longitudinal*  Tensile strength transversal*  Elongation at break longitudinal*  Elongation at break transversal*  Dielectric strength 
Unit of measure    
mm  0.22 0.27
± 15 ± 15
µm  125 190
µm  80 80
g/m²  255 340
N/mm²  100 105
N/mm²  100 100
20 20
30 25
kV  16 20

SynTherm® is a registered trademark of SynFlex.
Nomex®, Kapton®, KAPTON® are registered trademarks of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company.