Teonex® - PEN film with excellent properties

This polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film is perfect for high-end applications due to its many superior properties. Teonex® films are ideal for use in automotive applications (traction motors, hermetic motors) as well as industrial applications.

Compared to PET polyester films, Teonex® has an increased property profile in every respect. The increased temperature resistance leads to the approval of the film in temperature class F (155 °C). According to UL, it has an electrical relative temperature index (RTI) of 180 °C and a mechanical RTI of 160 °C.

Further advantages of Teonex® are:

  • extremely high dielectric strength
  • high mechanical strength
  • high-level stiffness
  • low water absorption
  • easy to laminate
  • low oligomer extraction

The properties, dielectric dissipation factor and dielectric constant of PEN film are virtually constant over a wide temperature range and frequency range. Further technical data please find here.

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