SynWire WW – Litz & Special Wires SYNwire WW (wrapped copper / aluminium conductors)

Wrapped wires SYNwire WW feature extremely high mechanical resistance and flexibility. State-of-the-art insulating materials like SYNtherm or SYNtape electrical adhesive tapes or any other type of flexible insulating material ensure the highest possible temperature resistance. SYNwire WW also provide good machine processability and an extremely good penetration with impregnants. Particularly high absorbent materials like the aramid paper SYNtherm A510 ensure best possible results of penetration during impregnation.

Construction and application of SYNwire WW are very variable. Apart from round conductors SYNFLEX also offers flat or rectangular conductors to optimize the fill factor of components. SYNwire WW are always tailored to the customer requirements due to their many different possible combinations (dimensions, insulation, wrapping material, type of overlap, number of layers etc.). There is no standard application and each demand requires reorientation with respect to the end product.

Wrapped conductors SYNwire WW are made of a solid copper or aluminium conductor wrapped with insulating material. Conductors for wrapping can be round or flat, bare or already coated. The wrapping is the main insulation of SYNwire WW and increases the electrical and mechanical properties of the already existing basic insulation. Furthermore, the wrapping serves as additional protective layer creating an extra barrier by impregnation for high electrical demands.

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SYNwire WW is used when the conductor or end product is exposed to extreme mechanical stress. Individually wrapped wires SYNwire WW do also meet the requirements of extremely high temperature resistance.

Impregnated machines which are subject to heavy loads are one of the main applications of SYNwire WW.


Due to the many possible combinations and the high factor of individuality the standards apply to the materials processed for SYNwire WW but not to the wrapped wire SYNwire WW itself. Please refer to the data sheets for details with respect to winding wires or SYNtherm flexible insulating materials and SYNtape electrical adhesive tapes.

All processes at SYNFLEX are subject to stringent process and quality specifications set by ISO, and so is the production of SYNwire WW. As a UL Repackaging company all the finishing processes at SYNFLEX are in compliance with the stringent specifications set by UL. The Repackaging Certificate ensures that UL listed insulating materials remain UL listed after the cutting process advancing the production of wrapped wires SYNwire WW.