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Dolphon® XL-2102 OPT 1K Resin

Dolphon® XL-2102 OPT is a 1K resin based on polyester.


Dolphon® XL -2102 OPT is characterised by the following properties:

  • UL-approved
  • very low weight loss on cure
  • very low odour
  • excellent wetting properties
  • good bond strength
  • fast curing cycles

Dolphon® XL-2102 OPT is a trickle resin which can also be used as a fast curing dip resin for

  • armatures
  • rotors
  • stators
  • UL-approved class H (180 °C), File OBOR2.E317427, OBJS2.E317429
  • UL-System-approved from 130 - 220 °C
  • UL-approved with magnet wire

temperature class acc. UL 1446:

magnet wire Twisted pairs Helical coils
MW 16-C 220 °C -
MW 28-C 130 °C -
MW 35-C 180 °C 200 °C
Delivery forms

Dolphon® XL-2102 OPT is delivered in 25 kg disposable containers or in 230 kg barrels.


Dolphon® XL -2102 OPT can be stored for 18 months at room temperature in a sealed container (max. 30 °C).
The trickle and dip resin must be stored in a cold place and protected against direct sunlight, UV radiation and sources of heat.
Always observe general rules and regulations.


Since the cured trickle and dip resin is practically insoluble, the tools have to be cleaned as soon as possible with a suitable solvent. Maintenance and care impregnating plants, especially cleaning, must be carried out according to operational requirements. Always refer to the user manual of the plant.


Exemplary impregnating process suggestion:

1. Pre-heat the object to approx. 105-120 °C
2. Trickle the resin on the unit, keeping it in slow rotation
3. Cure at 150-160 °C for 20-30 min

1. Pre-heat the object to 80-90 °C
2. Roll the object in the resin
3. Bring rapidly the object to a temperature of 140 °C to gel the resin
4. Bake for about 30 min at 140-150 °C

Pre-heating is not necessary if the object is dry. Times apply when the object temperature has been reached.

Technical data
Weight loss  Gel time  Bond strength  Bond strength  Bond strength 
Unit of measure Conditions  Values  Test method 
15 g of resin at 100-140 °C for 20 min < 1.3  
min  at 100 °C 8-20  
25 °C >180 IEC 61033, HC
80 °C >90 IEC 61033, method B, HC, MW 35
155 °C >30 IEC 61033, HC
Thermal class  Thermal class  Temperature index  Temperature class  Flashpoint 
Unit of measure Value  Test method 
°C  130 TP MW 28-C
°C  180 TP MW 35-C
°C  200 HC MW 35-C
°C  220 TP MW 16-C
°C  >130
Water absorption  Water absorption  Resistance  Resistance  Resistance  Resistance 
Unit of measure Conditions  Value  Test method 
90 min at 100 °C < 1.5 ASTM D 570
24h at 25 °C < 1 ASTM D 570
  Xylene, Methanol, Hexane yes IEC 60464 part 2
  10 % hydrochloric acid < 2.5 % ISO 175 - 7 days
  30 % sulfuric acid < 1.5 % ISO 175 - 7 days
  Transformer oil < 0.5 % ISO 175 - 7 days
Liquid phase
Specific density  Viscosity  Viscosity 
Unit of measure Bedingungen  Werte  Prüfmethode 
g/l  at 25 °C 1150±50  
at 25 °C 100-150 Ford Cup 4
at 25 °C 70-100 ISO Cup 6
Dielectric strength  Volume resistivity  Volume resistivity  Dielectric constant  Surface resistivity 
Unit of measure Value  Test method 
kV/mm  >128 ASTM D-115, 25 °C
Ω x cm  >10^15 IEC 60464-2
Ω x m  >10^12 IEC 60464-2 part 2, after 7 days water immersion
  3.3 ASTM D-150. 25 °C
Ω  >10^15 IEC 60464-2

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