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Voltatex® 2020 Alkyd finishing varnish

Voltatex® 2020 is a red or grey pigmented, air-drying, 1-c-finishing-varnish with espcially excellent adhesion to metals and plastics based on modified alkyd resin.


Pigmented varnish that dries fast in air with outstanding adhesion to metals and plastics, suitable as additional protection against external influences, particularly against moisture. Compatible with all common enamelled wires. Voltatex® 2020 has corrosion-protective properties. In combination with Voltatex® 1-c dipping resin the standards of DIN 5510-2 (preventive fire-protection in rail vehicles) can be fulfilled - depending on certain components and applications.


Electrically-insulating finish on impregnated coils, windings and other components in electrical engineering and electronics.

  • RoHS-konform gemäß 2011/65/EC
  • Polybromierte Diphenylether gemäß 2003/11/EC
  • REACH-konform 2006/121/EC
Delivery forms

12.1 kg can or 20 kg barrel


Red or grey pigmented.


Voltatex® 2020 can be stored at room temperature in sealed containers for 12 months (max. 25 °C). The varnish must be stored in a proper location protected from direct sunlight, UV radiation and sources of heat. Always observe the standard official rules and regulations.


Curing is possible in explosion-protected environments beneath a fume hood under the  following ambient conditions:

Air-drying times at 23 °C and 50 % rel. humidity:
0.5 h dust-dry
2 h touch dry
48 h entirely dry

Air-drying times at:
40°C - 20 h entirely dry
50°C - 16 h entirely dry
60°C - 3.5 h entirely dry
80°C - 1 h entirely dry


Cured Voltatex® 2020 is biologically inactive and not damaging to health. Always refer to the safety data sheet.


Equipment should be cleaned promptly using Voltatex® T023 solvent. Maintenance and care of coating plants, especially cleaning, must be carried out according to operational requirements. Always refer to the operating instructions of the plant.


Voltatex® 2020 can be used as dip coating, painting or spraying. Because the pigments and fillers of this varnish can sediment after long-time storage, Voltatex® 2020 should be well stirred before usage. In order to achieve an optimum viscosity up to 15 % Voltatex® T023 can be added.

Technical data
Colour  Dilution  Tack  Flow time  Flow time 
Unit of measure Conditions  Values  Test method 
    red or grey pigmented  
  thinner Voltatex® T023 7:1 acc. IEC 60464-2, pt. 5.5
  at 23 °C and 50 % r.H. tack-free after 4h  
Grey, 23 °C 65 ± 10 DIN 53211
red, 23 °C 100 ± 25 DIN 53211
Dielectric strength at 23 °C and 50 % r.h.  Specific volume resistance  Loss factor cross section 0.2=200x10^-3 
Unit of measure Conditions  Values  Test method 
kV/mm    60 IEC 60464-2
Ω*cm  after 7 d water storage 7.7 x 10^12 IEC 60464-2. pt. 6.5.1
°C    ≥78 IEC 60464-2. pt. 6.5.2

Voltatex® is a registered trademark of Axalta Coating Systems Llc., Philadelphia PA 19103, USA.