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SynTemp® – Temperature Monitoring

SynTemp® S01/S02 or S06/S08

Series S01 or S06 thermal cut-offs are moulded, permanently operating bimetal release switches which interrupt the current flow once the nominal temperature has been reached (normally closed contact). Closing combination also possible (S02 or S08).


Permanent operation with immediate reaction once the switching temperature has been reached is ensured due to the unique free-moving and self-aligning construction of the bimetal disc in the thermal cut-off.The thermal cut-offs are available as a single component and in a twin or triplet version.

Further advantages due to the bimetal perforated discs:

  • excellent long-term stability
  • improved space utilisation
  • high mechanical strength
  • excellent long-term stability

The S01 and S06 thermal cut-offs are used in electric motors and transformers.


VDE EN 60 730-2-9,
UL/CSA 2111, File Nr. E54236
ENEC acc. to EN 60730
RoHS compliant acc. to 2011/EC

Delivery forms

Nominal switching temperature in 5°C-steps of 60 to 200°C as standard, further temperatures on request.

Version: 01 available with (S01) or without (C01) insulation cap out of Mylar® / Nomex®, Epoxi resin impregnated or bare.

Version: 06 availabel with (S06) or without (C06) insulation cap, basically Epoxi resin impregnated.

Standard cable length 300 mm, other lengths on request.

Technical data
Switch properties
Switch type  Nominal switching temperatures  Tolerance  Reverse switch temperature  Total bouncing time  Operating voltage AC/DC  Rated voltage  Rated current AC cos φ=0.4  Rated current AC cos φ=0.6  Rated current AC cos φ=1.0  Max. switching current AC cos φ=0.4  Max. switching current AC cos φ=1.0 
Unit of measure S01/S02  S06/S08 
  opening / closing contact opening / closing contact
°C  60- 200 70-200
mm  ± 5 ±5
  Depending on NST Depending on NST
ms  <1 <1
up to 500 / 28 up to 500 / 28
250 (VDE) / 277 (UL) 250 (VDE) / 277 (UL)
1.8 / 10,000 cycles 25 / 2,000 cycles
1.6 / 10,000 cycles 6.3 /10,000 cycles
2.5 / 10,000 cycles 10 / 10,000 cycles
7.2 / 1,000 cycles  
6.3 / 3,000 cycles 25 / 2,000 cycles
Contact resistance  High-voltage resistance  Standard connection lead wire  For devices in protection class  Diameter (with/without insulation cap)  Installation height of the housing (with/without insulation cap)  Length of insulation cap  Pressure resistance of the housing 
Unit of measure S01/S02  S06/S08 
mΩ  <50 <50
kV  2 2
mm²  0.25 / AWG 22 0.75 / AWG 18
  I + II I + II
mm  9.4 9.4
mm  from 4.7 from 6.7
mm  15 16
450 600

SynTemp® is a registered trademark of SynFlex.
Mylar®, Melinex® sind eingetragene Marken von DuPont Teijin Film U.S., Ltd. Partnership.
Nomex®, Kapton®, KAPTON® are registered trademarks of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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