Products for batteries

While the development of rechargeable batteries for the automotive sector and stationary applications is breaking new ground or even going down new paths virtually every day, we can already contribute a stable component that has been developed for decades: insulation - both electrical and thermal.

Whether by means of flexible insulating materials for common temperature ranges - polyester film and corresponding laminates made of SynTherm insulating materials are mentioned here as examples – or materials for higher temperature demands – such as polyimide films and aramid papers like SynTherm YT510 – or materials that are already being provided today as protection to the passenger compartment and the next module - high-temperature glass fibers are making a big step forward right now.

But we can provide more than only basic materials. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we can also “shape” the materials you favor. While usually flat punching puts an end to processing, we can assist you with our experience of many years in forming of parts also in the third dimension.

In addition, our complete repertoire of adhesive tapes is available to you for fixing before installation -

Your team defines the requirements - we come up with the solutions!

Your SynFlex Team